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Mission statement

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The CIS Youth Department has diverse programming for children in pre-school through highschool. Throughout the year, there are educational and recreational activities such as Ongei Shabbat for teens, holiday-based events for the younger youth, and hangouts with the pre-teens.

Meet our youth directors

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Benny and Ark Bromberg, along with daughter Becky, are the youth directors of our growing community.

Benny grew up in the small Jewish community of Overbrook Park West-Philadelphia. He was an educator (Mechanech) in camps Achdus and Lavi, and later became the Athletics Director and Special Activities Coordinator at Camp Achdus. Benny has been an NCSY Advisor, Behavioral Assistant for special needs students, and professional fund raiser for YU, among other things.  He graduated from YU with a degree in history and likes to play music and a wide range of sports (including cricket!) in his spare time. Benny is excited to utilize his experiences to enhance our community’s youth program.

Ark grew up in the heart of the Willowbrook community in Staten Island, NY. She’s been an active participant in youth groups, first as a child, then as a teen Youth Leader for 5 years. She is also a trained lifeguard and continued her Youth Leader role into the summer as a counselor and lifeguard in Staten Island. Having experienced it all first hand, Ark has unique perspectives on the ins and outs of Youth Programming. While every community is different, her past experiences will help the Brombergs create a fantastic program for our community. Ark has worked for B&H since 2013 and is currently a Senior Credit Representative.

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Ketanim- Age 3 and Nursery
Chamudim- Kindergarten, Primer and Pre-K
Chanichim- Boys in grades 1-4
Chanichot- Girls in grades 1-4
YLIT- Grades 5-8
Teens- Grades 9-12

sunday, may 14th: lag b'omer bonfire @ 3PM

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sunday, may 21st mini golf @1:45 PM

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camp kitanim

The Camp Kitanim summer experience is devoted to offering your children ages 2-4, a fun, safe and loving Torah camp environment.

Our programming focuses on themed weeks during which children explore and learn through arts and crafts, sports, cooking, games, songs, drama, movement, and many other fun activities.

The themes used to develop the programming will reinforce Torah learning that is currently being introduced in our Early Childhood program. We are in the midst of our planning, current themes being considered including Mitzvot and Middot. Hebrew will also be infused into activities to maintain and strengthen what the children already know.

Outside play is plentiful, including water tables, sprinklers, riding toys, playground fun, and games. Our playground includes a shaded area to ensure the kids stay cool during the hot summer days.

Our counselor-to-camper ratio is kept  low so we can get to know the children and keep them safe, happy, and engaged.

Each day includes:

  •  Age appropriate activities
  •  Water fun (don’t forget bathing suits!)
  •  Rest time (for children who stay until 3:30)

Special programming will also be included on a weekly basis. Details are still being planned, past programs have included:

  • Visits from Morah Judy and her Seeing Eye Dog
  • Reading Rocks with Morah Melanie
  • Music with Morah Emmy
  • Rabbi Marcus Fridays
  • Weekly Shabbos Parties
  • Fire truck tour

We always encourage parent involvement. If you would like to come visit our program and share a story or activity with our campers, please contact our shul office  to schedule a visit!

Any inquiries can be directed to or to the camp chairmen- Michelle Burstein, Leah Kaminer and Henny Bochner.
Mon, July 24 2017 1 Av 5777