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Meet Our New Youth Directors


We welcome our new youth directors/ Assistant Rabbi, Rabbi Chayim and CM Gerson. We are thrilled to have them join our CIS family. The Gerson’s are passionate about this new endeavor and will be incredible role models for our children. They are committed to continuing  to build an even stronger youth department. 
Chayim and CM are both dedicated educators with experience working with children and teenagers. Rabbi Gerson currently works at Bruriah, and directs the Shorashim Program at Kushner. CM is a much-beloved teacher at Kushner High School. Both have worked in summer camps as well, Chayim is currently the head of Chinuch and CM is Teen Division Head at Camp Mesorah. 
A Message From the Gersons!
“Shalom CIS family!  We are so excited to be moving to Springfield to join this unbelievable community with our two children, Naomi (3.5) and Yehuda (2) and to serve as the community’s assistant rabbi and youth directors under the guidance of Rabbi Marcus and the shul’s outstanding lay leadership. We look forward to building on our relationships with many of you and your children that we’ve nurtured through camp, RKYHS and Bruriah. We can’t wait to continue building and growing CIS with all of you to new heights!”
Chayim and CM can always be reached at
Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784