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It doesn’t make sense. After Hashem promises Avraham a multitude of offspring, the pasuk tells us of, and praises Avraham for, his absolute faith in this Divine assurance (15:5-6). Yet a mere two verses later, this incredible believer seems to question the Almighty! When Hashem vows to give him the land of Israel as an inheritance, Avraham asks, “Bama aida ki irashena – How will I know that I will inherit it?” Since the Gemara, many commentaries have struggled to understand this section of the dialogue. Can it be that he has doubts about Hashem’s pledge of the Holy Land?

R’ Elimelech of Lizhensk (early leader in the Chasidic Movement; 1717-1787) explains that Avraham was in no way questioning Hashem’s commitment to give him Eretz Yisrael. Rather, Avraham was questioning his progeny’s commitment to the Land. He was worried whether or not his children would believe in the

Divine promise, and live accordingly. Avraham’s concern was how to insure that his descendants would

inherit his faith, thereby having the necessary level to obtain their rightful birthright.


As a community we demonstrated our shared commitment to Israel earlier this week with a beautiful Israel Bonds event, honoring Ina and Gary Singer. At the event we heard the inspiring and passionate plea of

Sgt. Benjamin Anthony, originally from Northern England now of Bat Yam, to recognize the true value of Artzeinu Hakedosha. May we merit to maintain our strong connection to our Holy Land, keeping the faith of our forefather strong.

Have a great Shabbos.




Fri, November 17 2017 28 Cheshvan 5778