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Our Values

Our congregation is distinguished by the activism of our members, who participate in a wide array of programs dedicated to advancing our core values: Torah, Tefillah, Chesed and Achdut. Our charismatic Rav and Rebbetzin, Rabbi Chaim and Lea Marcus, exemplify the CIS spirit; and they have been instrumental in spurring the explosive growth of our Kehillah. All of us—singles, young and established families, and seniors—take advantage of an ever-growing number of educational, community service and social activities.
Here are just a few of the benefits of joining CIS:


Torah Learning 5 Days A Week
 • Captivating Shiurim, delivered by Rav Marcus five days a week, focusing on the Parsha,  Contemporary Halacha, Machshava and Chagim
• The Orthodox Union’s Semichas Chaver Program at CIS, one of the most select and prestigious new programs for advanced Halacha study in a Shul setting, also taught by our Rav
• A dynamic Daf Yomi group
• Shabbos shiurim for boys and girls, respectively, led by Rabbi Marcus during the school year, complemented by a Parent-Child Torah program after Shabbos during the winter months
• A Scholars-in-Residence program featuring rabbis and scholars from around the world
• A women’s Rosh Chodesh Lecture Series showcasing esteemed educators


• Daily Shacharis, Mincha and Maariv minyanim (with late Maariv in fall, winter and spring)
• Early Kabbalas Shabbos and Hashkamah minyanim, as well as regular Shabbat services
• Shiurim dedicated to embracing more meaningful Tefillah
• A longstanding, active women’s Tehillim group
• Engaging Shabbos Tefillah and Torah programs for our youngest members, aged 3-18


• Year-round social activities designed to bring together adult members of all ages
• Mulitple CIS WhatsApp groups
• A multifaceted Youth Program featuring educational and social activities designed to forge lasting bonds as well as important midot
• Mystery Shabbos, Night Out @ the Shul (NO@TS), virtual entertainment events, annual barbecue
• A buddy program for all new CIS members that instantly connects them to our Shul community
• A Sisterhood sponsoring innovative and immersive events, as well as annual Shul-wide celebrations
• The Annual Gala Tribute and Dinner honoring those who have made significant contributions to CIS
• Two men’s basketball teams (boasting two league championships and counting) and a softball team


• Year round educational programs focusing on the People, Land and State of Israel that reflect our commitment to the ideals of Religious Zionism
• A Gemilas Chesed Committee devoted to serving members who require support or practical assistance
• Yemei Chesed affording members of all ages the opportunity to engage as a Kehillah in hands-on community service projects, organized by CIS members
• Tzedakah drives and collaborations with non-profit organizations and institutions that help Jews in need in the US, Israel and around the world
Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784