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Rei'ach hasadeh Vol. iv 2020 update

As previously announced, this year's issue of Rei'ach HaSadeh journal will examine the topic of LEADERSHIP.  While initially this topic was suggested as an avenue into Biblical/historical/modern personalities, philosophies, halachot of kingship or priest hood and similar discussions, this topic is especially prescient in our current global climate. We have all been asked to turn to, seek out and become leaders in ways perhaps we never imagined.  This year's journal is also avenue to reflect on this experience through a leadership prism.

We are seeking more authors. Sponsorship opportunities are available to be a Journal Patron or an Article Sponsor. Please note that a first draft would not be due until mid-June, with more specific information to follow.

If you are interested, please email or contact either Adam Reich or Adam Sheps directly with any questions or comments. 

CIS Torah Journals - Rei'ach HaSadeh

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CIS Torah Journals - Rei'ach HaSadeh

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