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Rei'ach Hasadeh - CIS Torah Journals

CIS is Delighted to Announce the Theme of
Rei’ach HaSadeh 2022
Volume Six: Family
During the past two years, many of us have found abundant opportunities to reconsider the value of family in our personal lives whether as members of a nuclear family, or as members of a Kehillah and Klal Yisrael. 
We invite you to contemplate how you define FAMILY—and to explore the ways in which your perspective is linked to your own family narrative; to the lives of figures and families in Tanach; to halachah and hashkafa; to Torah study, participation in tefillah and acts of chesed; to myriad mitzvot and midot; to lifecycle rituals spanning birth to death; to Jewish history; and to the lives of gedolim and other role models who have shaped the family customs and practices that you sustain or create.
We welcome original scholarly articles and personal reflections from all CIS members.
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CIS is one of only two Modern Orthodox Shuls in the US that produces an annual Torah Journal comprised of articles, essays and personal reflections written by synagogue members. Previous themes include Community, Leadership, Hearing the Voice, Reaching Out and Prayer.
Professionally edited and published, Rei’ach HaSadeh reflects our Shul’s commitment to Torah, Tefillah, Achdut and Chesed, as well as our commitment to providing our members with multiple opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth. 
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