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Support Mikvah Yisroel of Springfield

Since the establishment of Mikvah Yisroel in 2008, the number of users has grown exponentially—and thanks to your generosity, we have been able to continue providing you with the services you require and the support you appreciate.
We are grateful to all of our generous members and friends; and we encourage you to think of the Mikvah when contemplating new ways of demonstrating your support for our community. We offer many options for paying tribute to a beloved family member or marking a milestone occasion.
$75,000  Mikvah I Immersion Pool
$65,000  Mikvah Il Immersion Pool Sold
$40,000  Lobby
$15,000  Bridal Preparation Room Sold
$15,000  Women’s Preparation Room
$10,000  Men’s Preparation Room
$5,000    Mezuza, front door Sold
$1,000    Mezuza, side door  Sold
$1,000    Mezuza, interior door Sold 
$5,400   Founder           
$3,600   Builder
$2,500   Sponsor             
$1,800   Supporter 
$1,000   Donor
Please make checks payable to: Mikvah Yisroel of Springfield 
and mail to: Mikvah Yisroel of Springfield
42 Center Street, Springfield, NJ 07081
Want to learn more? For additional information please contact us at:
Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784