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2019's raffle was a big success! Next fundraiser coming in early 2020.


Our Mikvah opened on April 30, 2008, and the building is open to use by both men and women.

To help us sustain operations:

Please make out your checks to Mikvah Yisroel of Springfield and mail them to

Mikvah Yisroel of Springfield, 42 Center Street, Springfield, NJ 07081


Dedication Opportunities Available

 Mikvah I Immersion Pool                    $75,000
 Mikvah II Immersion Pool                     $65,000 (sold)
 Lobby                                                       $40,000
 Bridal Preparation Room                     $15,000 (sold)
 Women's Preparation Room             $15,000
 Men's Preparation Room                    $10,000
 Mezuza, front door                                  $5,000 (sold)
 Mezuza, side door                                  $1,000 (sold)
 Mezuza, interior door                             $1,000 (sold)


Sponsorship Opportunities

 Founder                $5400
 Builder                  $3600
 Sponsor               $2500
 Supporter             $1800
 Donor                    $1000
Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780