2 Year Old Program

The 2's is an exciting place to be as the children learn so much every single day. We try to make a 'big deal' out of every small accomplishment.

  • Jewish Heritage: At this age, children are exposed to some tefillot, mitzvot, learn about Chagim, practic brachot and prepare for Shabbos through singing, dancing, crafts, cooking and games. We often enjoy visits from Rabbi Marcus, who always has something special to add to our program.
  • Hebrew Language: Our teachers do a wonderful job of incorporate Hebrew into the curriculum. They sing in Hebrew, teach the colors and so much more.
  • Social Development:  At this age, children are experimenting anre beginning to explore how much they can control their universe and what the limits are. With gentle guidance from both teachers and parents, this assertion of self will lead children to learn limits of control that serve their own needs as well as the needs of their classmates.

           We work with children to develop the following social skils:

  • Separate from parents
  • Choose and play with a toy independently
  • Imitate household activities
  • Engage in make-believe play
  • Play with other children appropriately
  • Make choices when asked
  • Begin to show patience
  • Share toys
  • Take turns
  • Participate in group circle activities
  • Our program also focuses on Language Development:

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

  • Sings phrases of songs
  • Listen to stories
  • Answers questions with three word answers
  • Follow simple directions
  • Can initiate conversation with teacher and other children
  • Can categorize (size, shape, place)
  • Looks at books independently and can comment on pictures
  • Follows daily routine
  • Math
  • Understands concept of one
  • Matches simple identical pictures of objects
  • Matches and identifies basic shapes
  • Names a missing object when show three objects and one is removed
  • Counts to 5
  • Completes basic puzzles
  • Science
  • Observes changes in the weather
  • Cooking and baking
  • Animals
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Art
  • Draws with a crayon (even incorrectly)
  • Identifies basic colors
  • Shows interest in different mediums like paint, play dough, collage


  • Music: Our program has put emphasis on music in the classroom. We would like to see each child develop the following skills
  • Dances to the music
  • Plays instruments
  • Sings songs
  • Participates in rhythmic activities (claps along)