Rabbi's Message

  • April 01, 2016


    One of the central motifs of the Seder, reflected in the opening section of the Haggada, is the special responsibility we have towards ensuring the well-being of other members of Am Yisrael.  Putting that notion into practice we informed the community of the Seder Participation Program headed by Marilyn Bielory, which matches those looking to enjoy a Seder in the company of others with those who are able and eager to host company for the Sedarim.  This week, let us expand our vision and focus.             

    During this pre-Pesach season, there are many of our fellow Jews, locally and in Medinat Yisrael, who need our help.  The custom of Maos Chitin, which is traced back to Talmudic times, is to give extra tzedakah before Pesach to make certain that all of the Jewish People are cared for, and can celebrate the chag joyously.  This holiday in particular is exceptionally costly, and thus particularly difficult for those in need of financial assistance.  If you did not yet make your Maos Chitin contribution, please do so as soon as possible.  Our sisters and brothers are depending on us.

    Note: To make a contribution through the Shul Tzedakah Fund, please make a check payable to “Congregation Israel Tzedakah Fund,” and write ‘Maos Chitin’ on the memo line. To make online donations to worthy organizations in Israel, we recommend and                            

    Have great Shabbos and a Chag Kasher v’Sameach!!