Rabbi's Message

  • April 03, 2015


    As we sit down to the Sedarim, we recognize that this night is different than all other nights. One way in which it is different is that there are many different foods (and drink) that halachah requires us to consume. Below is a brief overview of the amounts of food and drink that should be consumed in fulfillment of the mitzvos on Seder night, and in what timeframe:

    1.      4 CUPS The cup one uses should hold at least 3.3 fluid ounces. One should drink the majority of wine in the cup. If it is an exceptionally large cup, one can drink 3.3 fluid ounces of wine instead of the majority of the cup. If it is difficult for one to drink wine, it is ideal to dilute the wine with grape juice. If even this is difficult, one can use grape juice for the 4 cups. (Some suggest that as this year the Sedarim take place on Friday night and Saturday night, that the first cup should hold 5 oz.)

    2.      MATZA The minimum one should eat during Motzei Matzah, Korech, and for Afikoman during Tzafun, is approximately 1/3 of a hand shmura matzah, or about 1/2 of a machine shemura matzah. For Motzei Matzah and Tzafun, if possible, it is preferable to eat a larger amount: 3/5 of a hand shmura matzah, or approximately a whole board of machine shemurah.

    3.      MAROR If using romaine lettuce leaves, one should use approximately 1 leaves (an amount to cover 8 x 10 inches). If using the stalks of romaine, it should be enough to cover an area of about 3 x 5 inches. If using horseradish, one should preferably consume 1.1 fluid ounces, and if that is too difficult one can be lenient and use an amount measuring 0.7 fluid ounces.   

    *** If these amounts will prove difficult for you to consume, please contact me to discuss possible solutions***

    4.      TIME One should preferably consume the abovementioned amounts of Maztah and Maror in less than 4 minutes time. If that is difficult, one can take as much as 9 minutes to consume the food. In regard to drinking the 4 cups, one should try to consume the wine in a few gulps, but again, if that proves to be too difficult, one can use the same 9 minute time limit we find by Matzah and Maror.


     -          To David Artman, and his sons Greg, Berel, and Sammy, for arranging and running the Shul Biur Chometz

    -          To Adam Hanover and Josh Smilow for assisting with the Shul Bedikas Chometz last night