The redemption we are meriting is part of a process of redemption which is continually progressing.  Natural redemption is accompanied by numerous difficulties and obstacles. However, these difficulties and obstacles are not representative of the redemption’s insignificance, but, in fact, the opposite. The difficulties teach of the redemption’s relevance to the natural reality of the world, in which G-d’s honor is revealed and illuminates the whole world with its great light.

Therefore, when describing the future redemption, our Sages did not seek miraculous or supernatural descriptions; rather they described it as part of a natural progression of events. In Sanhedrin (98a) our Sages said, that if the trees of Israel bear fruit – there is no greater sign of redemption than this. Jews conducting normal lives in the Land of Israel, and the blossoming of the fruits of the Land of Israel — these are clear signs of redemption.

The progress and development which Israel has been undergoing, the success of the State’s many agricultural and other enterprises, along with the strengthening of the connection between the holy and the secular — all of these are signs of the future redemption.

Amidst all the difficulties and pain we are all feeling, we must also remember that we are meriting to be part of the Nation of Israel’s redemption process. For thousands of years, the Nation of Israel did not enjoy great prosperity, comfort and security. Throughout the Biblical era, there were short periods which were better, but most of the time the situation was far worse. Today, we have the privilege to be part of the redemption generation in the Land of Israel and in the State of Israel. We need to remember that the difficulties do not indicate a decline, but rather are an integral part of the redemption process.

In a time of difficulty, in a time of crisis, it is permissible to weep, and cry out “I raise my eyes to the mountains; from whence will come my help”. However, what ensues is a period of strengthening “My help is from G-d, Maker of heaven and earth”; and with this comes the clear knowledge that G-d “loves His nation Israel.” This is followed by the strength resulting from a reality that reaches greater heights, and the joy that results from G-d “[Who] selected us from all the nations and gave us His Torah” and also returned us to our land, the Holy Land.

We know that the entire Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel. With G-d’s help we will continue to settle in our Holy Land. We will continue to elevate the kingdom of Heaven, and perfect the world through G-d’s sovereignty.

Through G-d’s kindness to us, may we merit to continue to live in the Holy Land with joy, security, strength, good health, sanctity and purity.

Let us pray for the recovery of the wounded. May G-d watch over them. Let us pray for the rehabilitation of the children and families who found themselves in one moment orphaned and bereaved. Let us pray for the elevation of the holy souls. May G-d avenge their blood. Let us pray for G-d’s salvation, “He will bring retribution upon His foes, and He will appease His Land and His people”.

G’d willing, may we be recipients of good news, salvation and divine comfort.